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What to Expect

  • To get started, call in for an appointment to 785-235-2500 and speak slowly to leave your phone number and some best times to call you back.  Leave a detailed message if you wish
  • During the call-back phone call, we can mutually decide whether Transition By Design is a good fit for you, and you can ask some questions if you need to.  If you haven’t already, fill out the message section on this website and send me which standing times and which standing days work the best for you to schedule your appointments.  Sessions are booked at least one month ahead to save your standing time slot.
  • From the website, I’ll show you the following PDF’s to fill out:  a Questionaire, the Payment Agreement (which includes cancellation and re-scheduling policies, and more), and any releases that would help you save time and money while also allowing me to collaborate with another provider for the best continuity of care for you. (i.e. so we are all on the same team!)
  • An account number will be provided for you to make pre-paid deposits for the next month of appointments.  (You will decide the number of sessions per month if you need to consider what is friendliest to your bank account.)
  • We will find a standing time that suits us, so that making next appointments will be easy—not needing to re-invent the calendar wheel with every appointment!  Transition By Design requires a minimum of 5-10 appointments in order to avoid doing “hit and run” work (which is generally not productive).  We’ll know by the goals you set for yourself when to conclude our work, or when to take a break to resume  at a later time.  The more specific your goals are for how YOU want to show up to the relationship, and the more motivated you are, the more targeted and efficient the sessions will be.  No worries!  You will be guided through the process!
  • For your convenience and accessibility we will then finally meet each other at our first appointment via Zoom!  If you are a couple, I generally meet with both of you jointly the 1st session, have an individual session with each of you, then return to joint sessions—with occasional individual sessions when needed.  Generally, I can be your couples coach, then only if warranted, just your individual coach, but not the other way around.  Once you choose me to be your primary individual therapeutic relationship coach, you’ll have to do your couples work with someone else.  I can help you get connected to another qualified couples therapist.  If you are not sure, we can talk about that during your call-back phone call.  I look forward to getting to know you!


Sessions can be 90 or 120 minutes.

90-minute sessions are $270 per session. 80 minutes will be your time with the Therapeutic Relationship Coach. In the last 10 minutes, the coach will still be working for you making notes and planning for the next session.

2-hour sessions are $360 per session. 1.75 hours will be your time with the Therapeutic Relationship Coach. In the last 15 minutes, the coach will still be working for you making notes and planning for the next session. Note: the initial session is required to be a 2-hour session.

*Sessions can be increased in length with prior scheduling, or if there happens to be a space to extend the session at the time.

Any extensions will be included with the next month’s pre-payment.

Features and Benefits

What Transition By Design Does Best to Help You Move into a More Positive Future


Improved Self-Regulation

Holding Steady

Ability to Hold Steady under Stress

Empathy and De-Escalation

Ability to Use Inquiry to De-Escalate Conflict & Build Empathy

Initiate Concerns

Ability to Initiate Concerns w/out Escalating

Updated Agreements

Updated Marital (&/or Business Partner) Agreements

Respectful Solutions

Improved Confidence to Come to Respectful Solutions 

Reign-in Past Hurts

Ability to Understand How Past Hurt Runs You when Things Get Out of Control

Work/Marriage Rebalancing

A Clear Improvement of Work to Marriage Re-Balancing

Clear Accountability Plan

A Clear Plan of Relationship Management and Accountability 

Strong Repairs

Strong Repairs Where There Is Enough Empathy

Improved Confidence

Improved Confidence to Handle Disagreements 

Avoiding Same Mistakes

Learning Now to Not Repeat Same Pain in the Future

Contact Me

Ask a question or send your available times for a callback to

Please leave all voice messages here: (785) 235-2500