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How Do You Want to Show Up to Your New Day?

Business Partners

Business Partner Coaching

Whether you are marriage partners or business partners (or both!), communication goes wrong when you lose connection with your partner.  So how do you reconnect?

Couples Coaching

Do you feel like your spouse has become just a roommate? Or that you, yourself, have become mired in sameness and just go through the motions?  There are stages of development in every couple’s relationship which, when stuck, create an invisible barrier against couples having the intimacy they desire.  


Individual Coaching

How can you stabilize a relationship in crisis when you don’t really know what happened to get you there? Or you no longer can trust what was really real in your relationship? 


“We have made great strides in holding steady, openness, and connecting. Your work with us has been instrumental. Your compassion with our more emotional moments has been impeccable.”

R. S.

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Lori Keegan-Therapist

Lori Keegan

Therapeutic Relationship Coach, M.S., M.S.W.

Transition By Design Inc. is a strategy and relationship intervention service.  We help bring stagnant, conflictual, or stuck relationships into the next level of development—yes, all long-term relationships have developmental stages!  To learn more about Lori, click the button below.  

Transition By Design’s Expertise

How You Got Here

Understanding How You Got “Here”

What You Left Behind

Understanding What Part of Yourself You Left Behind


With Compassion, Understanding How Improprieties or Betrayals were Justified

Attainable Goals

Helping Clients set Goals which are Motivating and Attainable

Sexual Intimacy Concerns

Understanding Sex and Relational Intimacy Concerns

Critical Conversations

Strategizing through Critical Conversations

Differentiation Drives All

Understanding How Differentiation Drives All the Results Desired in Long-term Relationships

Relational Workplace Systems

Understanding Relational Workplace Systems

Attachment Driving Attention

Making the Connection to Attachment Driving Attention

Understanding Family System Patterns

Understanding Family Systems

Invisible Organizational Dynamics

Shining a Light on Invisible Organizational Dynamics

The Inside-Your-Skin Work

Understanding How Neuro-Pathways and the Parasympathetic Systems are Important keys to the Inside Your Skin Work

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