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Executive Management Teams Strategies
  Building Extraordinary Management Team Relationships Drives Business Profitability

Can you imagine how profitable your company could be if your management team all pulled in the same direction without divisive or competitive issues, or personality conflicts getting in the way? Have you ever wondered how to make it happen?

According to Lori Keegan, Organizational Strategist of Transition By Design, "Building extraordinary relationships often impacts businesses' bottom line by tens of thousands of dollars (and more) every year!" Lori specializes in helping executive management teams create those productive relationships. "I don't just give a seminar about it - or talk about it," says Lori. " We DO it! Companies experience the actual process.

The benefits impact three major areas:
(1) Profound acceleration of fiscal goals.
(2) Staff who like each other and their work.
(3) Extraordinary relationships in the workplace, which are contagious to levels below the management team.

Employers invested in growth are naturally concerned about any conflict within their organization which might drive their best employees to seek work elsewhere. Employers know they're at risk to lose up to three times the manager's salary in revenue if that manager leaves - or more, if it is a sudden and negative termination. Then, the Domino-Effect results in further consequences:... loss of productivity from the employees left behind to 'clean up' or 'split up' the additional workload... distractions from longer range goals in order to manage the string of resulting crises...interruption of information sharing due to breaks in trust levels between departments or individuals...and, in extreme cases, whole departments and businesses can be shut down.

"Even when mild power struggles are recognized and resolved, the resulting improved relationships will drive business profitability tremendously!"

Here's what top level executives have to say regarding the results they got from Transition By Design services:
"How to do growth and survive intact? We almost lost a couple of key directors with our expansion projects - now we're building our management team along with our business, and we know we care about each other.. .sincerely. And, up front we saved ourselves a lot of pain and a couple hundred thousand dollars in losses by saving our relationships with our best directors. . .not to mention our increased profits thereafter."

"Lori brought us advanced skills to relate to each other better and see outside of ourselves. She enabled us to heal strained relationships so that everyone is able to function better.

We actually have fun now, even in our stressed workplace...and those two of our key staff that once hated each other now really enjoy each other!" "I'm learning how to let go and let my staff step up to grow their careers. I'm more relaxed and my staff is too - while we're getting more work done! The best news is that we were able to outsource these objectives to Transition By Design at affordable rates."

In related services, Lori also addresses situations which can affect your star employee's performance for short-term yet significant periods of months, such as serious marital problems or drug/alcohol abuse issues. These issues can directly influence productivity. Lori uniquely provides strategies and support help to the entire team during these circumstances, as well as to individuals.

Lori Keegan of Transition By Design, Inc., offers professional and personal strategies to individuals and organizations. Call 785-235-2500, or contact her via e-mail: mail@TransitionByDesign.com

~Topeka Today! has given permission for this reprint of Vol. 6, Issue 4.

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