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Career Strategies
  Life & Job Satisfaction: It's Not Just For the Lucky Few

"I'm 40 years old, and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up," says a typical client of Career and Business Strategist Lori Keegan of Transition By Design Inc. Similarly, other T.B.D. clients are also professionals who have been "acquired, mergered and downsized," or just plain tired of the "robot-like" work their jobs have evolved into.

One client who works with global economies states, "I was beginning to feel stifled in my job and emotionally exhausted with a boss who could only communicate via e-mail. I'm waking up to discover that my professional training has simply led me to where I am and I don't need to feel trapped by it. Lori is helping me to move ahead with my life in a way that matches who I am. I'm getting butterflies in my stomach anticipating wonderful work experiences ahead as I begin to implement my updated vision of my professional identity."

Another client who was previously mismatched with her job shares simply, "I'm ME again!" Transition By Design services also have positive impact on businesses and organizations - by helping individuals become well-matched with their jobs and helping top performing employees overcome barriers along their career paths. Lori helps employers keep their best employees, while helping mismatched employees find a better fit for their career paths - saving many involved a "world of pain" and rewarding this level of professional courage with renewed profitability. An employer and top-level executive of a large company had this experience: "I knew all along that I was isolated at work. I wanted to think I didn't need anyone else's help. Lori put her 'Career Strategist hat' on and helped me to find the career direction that would let me wind down my corporate career job and gracefully move toward a second career in a slower-paced fun job.

"I've also learned that I have an identity other than a CEO and I'm taking a vacation for the first time in years! I'm thrilled about my life direction - and my wife is too!" "The benefits of rediscovering your passion are profound," says Lori. "(1) When you are passionate about your work there is no such thing as a motivational problem. You are energized! (2) The work you do comes to have a meaning above and beyond itself. (3) The probability that you will rise to new levels of success dramatically increases when you are passionate about your work. (Which usually translates into awesome problem solving, greater satisfaction and financial income.) (4) The glow of resulting success at work can also light up personal and family relationships. "Employers and department heads also see the unrealized potential of their better staff and wonder how to help move their people along faster into positions of greater responsibility and profitability. They see savings in not having to train a new person from the outside and at the same time grow loyalty via elevating their own staff."

Another CEO sent two of his promising staff to Transition By Design and reported, "The first person I sent is so easy to get along with - including much improved communication - and now has such a great perspective about our company. The second person is now able to take much greater initiative and he uses my supervision to help him be less reactive to problems. I envision him going far with our company.

"I realized there was a benefit to me too: I was way too uptight and was letting my ego get in the way, believing no one could do the job better than me. Now I feel much more relieved and relaxed! I'm enjoying coming to work again.

"The unexpected positives are bigger and better: I also enjoy greater respect from our Board. Our dramatically increased sales and reduced overtime reflect these kinds of internal relationship tune-ups in our company. What's more, our high-performing employees feel more incentive to stay with our company."

"Good employees often leave their jobs without asking for help or before anyone notices," Lori relates. She asks her audiences, "Are you noticing signs that your company is losing a high-performing employee? Is that person YOU?"

Lori is available for individual or business strategy consults by appt. Call 785-235-2500, or e-mail: mail@TransitionByDesign.com

This article appears in June/July Topeka Today! ~Topeka Today! has given permission for this reprint.

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