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Life and Job Satisfaction: It's Not Just For The Lucky Few!

Transition By Design Inc. is a strategy and intervention service.  We help resolve situational and relationship dilemmas, which interfere with the productivity, profitability, and overall well being of your organization from a decision-making, human interaction, and organizational dynamics perspective.   

Our work and expertise are focused inside of three levels:

Our commitment is to help businesses and individuals move confidently through personal, professional, and organizational change. Transition By Design Inc. specializes in helping business owners and executives manage the "Organizational Dynamics" (people dynamics) of the workplace and in assisting executive management teams to move forward from complex relationship dilemmas which are impacting productivity (decision-making and follow-through) in the workplace.  Expansion projects, changes in direction or leadership, and other kinds of organizational “upsets” of the “norm” can put organizations at risk of losing their best people as well as tax the leader’s sanity.  Updated relationships drive productivity and profitability!  Business leaders know that time is money and that accelerating the resolution of a situational dilemma or relationship conflict usually translates into tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues.

Transition By Design Inc. can help you to know what you want to be "when you grow up," to rediscover your passion, to the right job/career match for who you are now-as opposed to who you were ten years ago, to develop a strategy to navigate through a difficult situation at work (even dealing with the miserable experience of being acquisitioned, downsized or fired---or assist key employees to shift into updated roles), to work through dual-career couple issues, job search strategies, and to move within your company . . . and the list goes on.  This work may also include helping you to start your own business, should that be a direction you choose----after working through the “rule-outs” that help you clarify whether you and your situation are a good match for such a decision. 

You will find that 90% of how you manage yourself will determine how you manage others.  Transition By Design Inc. will help you navigate a situation “inside your own skin”, understanding how you play into organizational dynamics as scripted often by your own family dynamics, and how you need to manage yourself inside your relationship networks in the workplace.  You will be able to develop a whole new perspective about your own dilemmas, conduct critical conversations more effectively, and resolve complex dilemma sets within the systems (&/or environments) you find yourself.  Your will also navigate the larger invisible workplace dynamics to others solve their dilemmas which have been interacting with yours.  TBD clients in our fast paced, high stress society realize they don’t need to stay stuck or waste more time figuring out solutions that TBD can help them discover in an accelerated fashion.   This usually translates into a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars of impact personally and hundreds of thousands of dollars impact corporately. 

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